OWC Hard Drive Sled / Bracket for Mac Pro 2009, 2010, 2012 'Westmere' & 'Nehalem' Models

415,00 kr
332,00 kr exkl. moms
415,00 kr

Updated for 2015, the OWC Hard Drive Bracket is the new universal standard to install any SATA hard drive in a Mac Pro tower, including the latest 6.0TB SATA hard drives which feature the new industry-standard mounting screw pattern. With screw mounting holes for all SATA drives, it's the drive sled built for compatibility, flexibility, and ease of use. .

Update your trays or use a spare

  • Rotate backups
  • Separate storage for individual clients or large projects
  • Simple, inexpensive way to transfer large files between two Mac Pro models
  • Utilize all 3.5" SATA and SAS drives including newer models of 6.0TB and larger capacities utilizing the new screw hole mounting pattern.