OWC Data Doubler iMac 2009-2011 Optical Bay Drive/SSD Mounting Solution

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346,00 kr

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Ersätt den inbyggda DVD-brännaren med en extra hårddisk för utökad lagring. Vi hjälper dig gärna med monteringen som kräver viss teknisk kompetens!

Hitta rätt lösning för dina behov Montering av monteringskit samt SSD eller extra hårddisk Ny ren installation eller överföring, flytt av system och information från original hårddisk till SSD Konfigurering av original eller extra hårddisk för tex Time Machine backup eller bara formatering för lagring. Kontakta Macpatric för installation. Vi föreslår & säljer gärna för dagens bästa köp av SSD eller mekanisk hårddisk.

Boost your storage capacity by adding up to an additional 2.0TB of internal storage with a second hard drive, or enjoy near-instantaneous boot and app loading times by adding a Solid State Drive (SSD).

Configuration flexibility is yours when you replace your 2009-2011 iMac's internal SuperDrive with an OWC Data Doubler with a hard drive or SSD. The custom-engineered Data Doubler bracket comes ready to mount any 2.5" SATA drive up to 12.5mm in height.

Once you've installed the entire Data Doubler drive assembly into your 2009-2011 iMac's optical drive bay, you can customize how you want your internal storage to perform. Drive customization is easy and built right into OS X as the new Data Doubler mounted drive can be setup using Apple's Disk Utility program in which you can format the drive, create a RAID array using two drives together, or partition the new drive. Once formatted you can also setup the second drive as a Time Machine backup so you can take your backup with your wherever you go.

OWC provides free installation videos that guide this DIY upgrade step-by-step for each specific Mac model. Data Doubler also comes backed by OWC's award-winning U.S.A. based technical support team which is readily available to assist you with your upgrade should you have any questions.